PS3 Grill Mod

PS3 Grill Mod

I have never been a gamer. In this new world corona covid b/s it had been inconceivably hard to keep coming up with shit for a 4 year old to do all day while trying to work in a new format. Thursday and Sunday have always been “watch day”. Now Tuesday has become “game day”.

I needed something to occupy my daughter and pushed in a ninja game that was probably pretty bad parenting on my behalf. She loved the game, and played for hours while I worked. While watching her play I realized that she had no idea that the ninja beating the fuck out of her was her opponent, she thought she was winning every round!

So I went to the ultimate “evil” of GameStop and bought some Lego games. Let me warn you, these games are fun as shit.
Lego BatMan 2 seems to overheat the ps3 after a few hours. Hence the mod.

The honeycomb grill was ordered from ebay for 7.99, the mesh is tripled up window screen. I ordered some light strips as well for the mod. Might as well light this hoe up.

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