Rane TTM54 TTM52 Replacement Crossfader

TTM -54 TTM-52 Crossfader

Besides for the innofader there has not been a replacement fader for the old school rane mixers ever.

I saved every penny I could find and bought myself a Rane TTM-54 over 20 years ago. I loved that mixer. despite that I had to pay $50 for a new crossfader every other month and finally gave up on it. With the dead faders I traded it out for a sony PS3. 20 years later I realized how much I love the mixer. I have never found another mixer that fits me more than an old school ttm54.

Don’t get me wrong the TTM56 fixed all the issues with the crossfader, but the TTM54 feels right.

Pro X Fade Vs Vestax or Numark Fader

Now, finding an original “New” crossfader is none existent. I was hoping to find a plug and play fader. What I found works but is beyond plug and play. Pro X Fade, Vestax Faders, and Numark faders will all work in your Rane. Wiring them up is also quite simple as Rane only incorporated L, R, Ground, into the faders.

Rane Vs Pro Fade

Between the pro x fade and the rane, it’s clear to see that almost any thing can be wired into the Rane as long as you can figure out L/R and ground of the fader.
The issue seems to be the resistance of the faders.
The original fader being 200Kohm, All standard faders seem to be 50kohm.

TTM-54 Replacement Fader

Following the pictures above should allow you to wire in any of the faders mentioned above, and plugging them in should work as intended, with the exception of a huge cut in time, no better than the original crap fader.

Rane TTM54 Cut In

Fixing the TTM Cut

Once the fader is properly wired, the front board can be adjusted.
R215, R216, R217, R212, R213, R214 Resistors are all 6.3ohm, replace them all with 4.7ohm for a tighter cut.

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