Roland VS-890 VS-880 Cleaning

VS-890 VS-880 Scrubbing and cleaning

This should apply to cleaning a machine and really cleaning a machine. Personally I disassemble everything because once all the components are out you can scrub and clean er’thing. My favorite part of buying equipment is having it sparkly clean!

To start the process, pull off all of the fader knobs, pan knobs, input knobs, and jog wheel knob (they all come off by pulling up). The transport buttons can be pulled off as well.

The best method for the transport buttons is to get some old school pliers that open up wide, put a slice of electrical tape on the teeth of the pliers (so you don’t mark the buttons) and pull them up. If you have dead transport buttons, the tact switches are now irreplaceable, but that will be covered in the repair section so make sure not to jack them up after pulling off the buttons. DO NOT try and pull off the clear buttons, they are part of the casing!!

All the buttons, knobs, etc. can be dropped in a tub of hot water and soap. Let thems hoes relax.

VS Lexans and Case

If you have fully disassembled the unit, you my friend are ready to clean!

Both if the unit is fully disassembled or if the components are still inside, a hair dryer or heat gun heating up the front will slowly loosen the adhesive holding on the panels. *Unless you are used to using a “Heat Gun”, just use a hair dryer. Start at a corner and heat it up so you can lift off the lexan a small bit, without force you just keep pulling off the lexan as the glue is released.

If the unit is fully disassembled I do the same but run it under hot water.. If pealed off slow, all the adhesive sticks to the lexan and not the plastic.

Once the lexans are off the machine I gently hold the back (sticky side) and scrub the front with dish soap.

If the whole machine is disassembled then scrub down the casing as well. It is a clear casing with black paint so get Creative! The picture below is a heavily cracked case that I cleared and glued all the cracks.

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