Refurbishing the Roland VS890

Refurbishing the Roland VS890

Roland VS890 Refurbish

The DIY for repair, cleaning and Refurbishing a Roland VS-890 and VS-880

I think the easiest way to do this refurbish and DIY for another to repair their unit is to break it into parts.

-Cleaning the Roland VS-890 VS-880
Disassembly of the Roland VS-890 VS-880
Cleaning Knobs and Buttons
-Slide Fader and Tact Switch Replacement
-Transport Button Repair

Once fully dissembled per part to cleaning will continue in part one.
Part 3 will have to do with repairing and replacing parts in the Roland VS-890-880.

As this project is dedicated to the Roland VS-890, parts and all will be the same for the VS880.

I recently received what I believed to be a score on a few Roland VS-890’s that needed a few “minor” repairs. What I actually received was probably the most disgusting machines I have ever seen.

After peeling off the crapply applied bubble wrap that looked like it was pulled from the basement of a 1980’s crack house. I quickly realized, the machines were ten times worse. The picture above is just a small intro on how nasty they were.

Now a novel could be wrote on just cleaning these disgusting machines. I have decided to break it down in to parts for some one that just bought a machine that they would like to clean, repair and refurbish.

Cleaning VS890

To start pull off all of the fader knobs, pan knobs, input knobs, and jog wheel knob (they all come off by pulling up). The transport buttons can be pulled off as well.

The best method for the transport buttons is to get some old school pliers that open up wide, put a slice of electrical tape on the teeth of the pliers (so you don’t mark the buttons) and pull them up. If you have dead transport buttons, the tact switches are now irreplaceable, but that will be covered in the repair section so make sure not to jack them up after pulling off the buttons. DO NOT try and pull off the clear buttons, they are part of the casing!!

All the buttons, knobs, etc. can be dropped in a tub of hot water and soap. Let thems hoes relax.

VS-890 VS-880 Scrubbing and cleaning

Once all the components are out you can scrub and clean er’thing. My favorite part of buying equipment is having it sparkly clean!

Oh yeah girl!! you run that shell under some hot water and those lexans peel off faster than….Wow every joke I can make is now politically incorrect!! So I’ll just say faster than a teen can pick a “pronoun”.

Don’t “pull” the lexans off if you want them to be clean. Let the hot water release them for you.

Xtra hot water to pull off the screen. And don’t forget the lexan on the back. you can now sand and paint the shell what ever color you like!

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