PlayStation 3 Fan Light Mod Part 2

Here comes our PS3 light mod!

This B**ch is about to get lit.


So we ended up picking up a blue 12v 16ft light strip from eBay for about ten doll hairs. That’s dollars for the less savvy.

On the world wide web, more specifically the world of YouTube. I found a video of how to wire the lights to the fan. The sh*tty part is, the video was either in Spanish or Tagalog and I can’t seem to find it again.

With the case open, and your led strips cut in portions as the tape tells you where. It is very simple to lay them out on to where you want them to sit. Heads up fools! This is where me and my daughter went wrong and taped them across the sides of the fan like the video.
Letting the light disburse straight through the freshly installed grill. For a four year old this looks AWESOME for a perfectionist it looks like shit.

If I decide to take it apart I will move the lights to the fan shield so they will only “glow” through the screen

PSS3 Light Install LED

So for the basics. Wire + to + on each light pad and, – to – on each pad. If you are not capable of simple soldering, now would be the time to close up your PS3.
Where the lights are to plug into is a different story.
The positive needs to connect to the Brown Wire, the Negative to the Black.

Now before everyone gets up into my ass of “Why’s the black wire gotsta be negative” I didn’t design this shit, Sony did, and it is not my fault that the Japanese based their wire colors on their perception of people.
So lets just move forward.

Soldering lights to PS3 Fan

Now on the fan there are 3 wires Brown, black and Grey. I didn’t have any wire cutters small enough to just cut the sheathing so I used a razor blade to nick an opening to bare wire.
I noticed these wires are actually sheathed in silicone so you can’t burn them away, which as a tinkerer of machines have to say is pretty damn awesome. I didn’t even know this sh*t was made.
Needless to say, wrap what you used for the positive wire around the Brown and solder it together, wrap your negative around the black and solder it together.
Tightly wrap the joints with electrical tape.

Lit LED Test Mode. PS3
LED test mode Ps3

At this point you can plug your PS3 in to your work station and see how it looks.

This is the point where I went wrong. I didn’t try lighting it up again with the cover on and I don’t like the way you can see the way the light centers through the grill. To me it looks cheap, to a 4 year old it looks f*cking awesome. So you can be the judge and jury of your own machine, but….
…the perfectionist in me is going to take it apart again and again and again until I have the perfect glow through the vent.

Fan Vent PlayStation 3 Mod
PlayStation 3 LED Fan Mod

At the end of the day my daughter had a great time unscrewing and screwing the bolts in/out, cutting the wires and sticking the LEDS. There is also nothing better to hear her say on Tuesday “game night”. “Dad should we turn on “our” PS3.

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